Who are we?

Each of us has a childhood desire. Whose desire is a bicycle, a nice bridal, a good school bag, a "Spiderman" dress and more. When we talk about our happy childhood years, our family, our beautiful times and our dreams come to our mind. Our childhood affects all our future lives and becomes the core of our memories. But not everyone had happy childhood years. In the heart of many, it is likely that childhood desires are not fulfilled. To realize those desires is not always taken. Sometimes a material opportunity, sometimes being a lone person, hinders realization of these desires.
ASAN Letter project based on the principles of “happiness increases while sharing”, and connect all people around common value regardless of their status, age, realizes wishes and dreams. The goal of this project is to create the beginning of an indispensable social activity in our country, which has ancient traditions of benevolence, to make children happy and laugh at them without any material gain. Thus, the "ASAN Letter" project carries out the desires of the children living in the country, poor families and children in need of care.