Frequently asked questions

  • Is it absolutely necessary to buy all the gifts written in the letter?

    It is recommended that you complete the gifts in order to realize children's desires. If you can not afford each of the gifts, it is possible that you hand over to us what you think is appropriate for your budget

  • Can I give money when I do not have the time to buy it?

    Implementation of letters in order to protect transparency is not provided in the form of cash in the form of cash or non-cash payment, as well as presenting gifts directly.

  • Can I participate in gifts delivery?

    We as ASAN Letter team present your gifts to small owners. Citizens' participation in this process is not taken to protect the personal information of both parties.

  • How do we know how to deliver gifts to the child?

    Gifts received from you are handed over to the smaller owners of the letters, and special photos are drawn. These photographs will be sent to you by e-mail to ensure accountability

  • Where will I receive the receipt of the letter, and where can I get the information on whom and where to go?

    Within 3 working days after completing your registration, we will contact with you through the ASAN harbinger and hand over your gifts by defining the appropriate time and place.

  • Is it possible to take a letter that issued before?

    Each post posted on the site may be subject to liability only by one citizen. The commitment letter is automatically deleted from the Active Letters section on the site.

  • How can I get a letter of commitment?

    You must complete the section "In response to the letter, I take charge of receiving gifts" under the letter selected to take the letter. Obviously, you should be familiar with the guidelines when committing a commitment. Upon completion of your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your email.

  • How can we cooperate with you?

    If you would like to cooperate with us, you can submit your request by including the "Contact" section, the official e-mail address or contacts

  • Can İ join the project as volunteer?

    The "ASAN Letter" team consists of current and graduate volunteers only at "ASAN service" centers.

  • I am living abroad, how can I send the gifts mentioned in the letter?

    Within the framework of "ASAN Letter" we received gifts from our compatriots and foreigners who have been living abroad for many times. These gifts can be delivered to us by cargo, post, or relatives who live in Azerbaijan.