The first flight of "Kite" took place

"Kite" pre-school education course with the support of "ASAN Volunteers" organization was held on September 10 at the Rashid Behbudov Theater of Music named "The First Flight of the Kite", which is aimed at involving residents of the children's shelter under the Children's Unity of Azerbaijan.

The main purpose of the event is to broaden the understanding of social responsibility in the community, to demonstrate the role of society in addressing the issues of education and other problems of children deprived of parental care, and to create better conditions for shelter residents.

The event featured theater scenes, dances, poems and music, prepared by small members of children's shelters.

The cost of the concert ticket sales will be spent on the education of children living in shelter.

This project, which promotes the sense of social responsibility through the slogan "ASAN love to children", is to realize the wishes of children in socially vulnerable groups through the website.

At the end, children were presented gifts by ASAN volunteers.

Thanks to EDELWISS Rose Hall and the "Romantic" store chain for its support.

  • 04.10.2016